The Keystone Center for the Study of Regional Foods and Food Tourism, headquartered in the historic Lamb Tavern in Devon, Pennsylvania, is an independent, non-profit (501(c)3) research institute unaffiliated with state or private industry organizations. It is affiliated with the Roughwood Seed Archive (www.roughwoodseeds.org) since the two non-profits share overlapping missions. The primary purpose of the Keystone Center is the survey, documentation, and promotion of Pennsylvania’s five regional food identities, their related culinary cultures in Europe, and their diasporas within the United States. Since the Pennsylvania Dutch region alone features over 1600 dishes not documented elsewhere in the country – not to mention the culinary riches of the other four regions, no other state can claim such a wide diversity of traditional foods and foodways within its borders. Thus, the goals of the Center include:

  • The establishment of a complete inventory of Pennsylvania foods and foodways that will appear in a series of Keystone Kitchen handbooks useful to public schools, tourism bureaus, cooking schools, and interested consumers.
  • The creation of educational programs that explore the evolution of Pennsylvania foods and foodways in non-academic settings for the general public, as well as credit courses in conjunction with an academic culinary arts program whereby regional cooking techniques and dishes can be taught to individuals intending to enter the food and hospitality professions.
  • The organization of total immersion seminars for chefs and members of the public who want to explore specific foods and their traditional preparation techniques, such as Philadelphia Pepperpot or pretzel baking.
  • The development of a website where information can be posted both about the Center and its activities as well as information useful to travelers coming to Pennsylvania, and eventually online guidebooks to specific topics of general interest – where to find chicken-and-waffle dinners for example.
  • The filming and preparation of DVDs that will serve as verbal and visual cookbooks for teaching regional cooking techniques and recipes.
  • Providing consulting services to local organizations and the tourism industry on methods for increasing an awareness of Pennsylvania foods and sustainable agricultural products in order to augment the growth of jobs and employment in this dynamic sector of the state economy.
  • Developing demonstration gardens where traditional food plants from Pennsylvania can be grown for seed that will be sold to private individuals and to commercial entrepreneurs so that these foods can be brought back into mainstream consumption.

Board Members

Tod Auman, Locally Raised Organic Meats
Dundore and Heister, Wyomissing, PA

Jenny Bardwell, Traditional Allegheny Breads
Rising Creek Bakery, Specializing in Salt Rising Bread

Glenn Brendle, Farmer and Produce Broker
Green Meadow Farm, Gap, PA

Janet Chrzan, Nutritional Anthropologist
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Patrick Donmoyer, Site Director of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center
Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA

Steven Eckerd, Chef
Philadelphia, PA

Spike Gjerde, Chef/Owner
Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore, MD

Hal B. Klein, Chef and Food Writer
Pittsburgh, PA

Palmer Marinelli, Chef
Philadelphia, P

Andrea MacDonald, Preservationist
Lemoyne, PA

Mary Miller, Regional Food Tourism
The Fork and The Road LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

Kyle Weaver, Editor
New Cumberland, PA

William Woys Weaver – Founder and Director
Devon, PA


The objective of the Keystone Center is to operate on a small sustainable model thus rather than offering memberships which entail annual meetings, we invite you to become a Keystone Friend by contacting us via our email keystonekitchenorg@gmail.com. We will then enroll you on our mailing list and keep you abreast of events, food tours, and special products that we will offer through our online shop. Contributions over $250 will earn you discounts on events, tours, and product purchases.