2017 Events: Make Reservations Early

Monday, April 10, 2017
Philadelphia and the Foundation of American Cuisine: Keystone Lecture and Food Demonstration
Power Point Lecture by Dr. William Woys Weaver
Food Demonstration by Chef and Keystone Board Member Palmer Marinelli
Place: Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Time: 6 PM to 8 PM
Price: $35.00 per person
How to Register: Go online to
Don’t Miss This! All attendees will be given a free take-home pint container of authentic Philadelphia Pepperpot Soup.

Harvest Home Farmhouse Dinner (date to be announced)
Harvest Home was the Pennsylvania way of celebrating the culinary bounties of our state long before New England Thanksgiving pushed it aside for cloyingly sweet pumpkin pie, glutinous mashed potatoes, and dry stringy roast turkey. The Pennsylvania Harvest Home was far richer in tradition than the New England upstart and we have photographs to prove it. The Keystone Center is dedicated to reviving our old agricultural tradition and sharing it with anyone who appreciates the meaning of community and meaningful exchanges at table. Kick off your shoes, make and bring the recipe you love most and let classic Pennsylvania farmhouse hospitality define the evening. Good food, good wine, good people. This is what built America.

Keystone Annual Fundraising Dinner (date to be announced)
Stay tuned to this website for dates, time, and place. Once we post, please reserve early. Most of our events are sell outs so we cannot “hold” seats or tables unless paid in advance. If last year’s dinner was a culinary dream, this year’s will be even better. Our army of talented chefs are now recharged to push the culinary envelop a wee bit farther, and we have a long list of local producers who want to showcase their products on our menus. Keystone is all about the marketing of Pennsylvania’s best, so consider this dinner a parade of flavors. Not to mention that we vet our sources: no GMO fed animals, no antibiotics in the meats, humanely raised animals, etc. We won’t serve you anything that we would not serve to family.

Current Events:

Pop-Up Dinner at Rising Creek Bakery with Lost Creek Farm July 17th 2017

Proceeds benefit the Appalachian Food Summit


Meat and pickles while the Good Lord’s watchin’ :Harrison County-style longaniza sausage, roasted pepper and black walnut romesco, hot pickled garlic || Shaved venison sauerbrauten, sassafras mustard, garden kraut || Lebanese lamb kibbee, cultured cream, pickled turnips || Grandma’s communion wafers

Creamed corn, sour corn, blue corn: Summer sweet corn chowder || fried sour corn || Heirloom Clarage Blue cornbread crouton || baby nasturtium and its flowers

Tomatoes on tomatoes on tomatoes, with bread: A fresh-from-the-garden platter of sliced heirloom tomatoes || chilled Duke’s mayonnaise || JQ Dickinson salt || salad of marinated cherry tomatoes, pickled onions and sprouted collards || sauced tomatoes with salt rising bread, from the recipes of Betty Williams

Hot Competition at the Middle Run Picnic: Half Runners Five Ways: Fresh ‘n blistered with onions || chicken casserole style || Betty’s dilly beans || canned with pork and ramps || leather britches || Heirloom bloody butcher cornbread with hickory bark sorghum butter

Memories from The Last Forest: cream poached salted trout filet || wilted nettles || pickled milkweed buds || spruce needle butter || crispy trout cracklins || salt rising toast

Sour pie and sweet peaches, from the recipes of Cary Blake:Old fashioned vinegar pie || WV peach ice cream || wild blackberry and basil syrup || candied wild carrot flower

To reserve your place, contact:

Rising Creek Bakery, Specializing in Salt Rising Bread
115 Main St
Mt. Morris, PA  15349



2016 Events You Should Not Have Missed

October 2016: Keystone Annual Fundraising Dinner
Held at Wyebrook Farm, Honeybrook, PA. Five regional chefs prepared a dream menu from local produce including a winning course of Catfish and Waffles by the talented team from Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore. Thank you Dean Carlson for the use of your magical site.

November 2016: Pennsylvania Dutch Baking Traditions: Keystone Lecture and Food Demonstration
Power Point Lecture by Dr. William Woys Weaver
Food Demonstration by Chef and Keystone Board Member Palmer Marinelli
Place: Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center. All participants received a free copy of Dr. Weaver’s newest book Dutch Treats.