Publications and Online Shopping

The Keystone Center will be initiating an imprint series called The Keystone Kitchen™ that will explore various aspects of Pennsylvania’s regional food cultures or specific food products. Book ideas as well as manuscripts submitted for consideration must conform to Keystone Center objectives. Regarding income and copyright, publications will be dealt with on a project-by-project basis.

Several volumes under our imprint are in the planning stage including a republication of William Woys Weaver’s Country Scrapple, Elizabeth Ellicott Lea’s A Quaker Woman’s Cookbook, and the 1788 manuscript cookbook of Lancaster Quaker, Grace Parr. These are some of the subject areas proposed for The Keystone Kitchen Series:

  • Allegheny Mountain Cookery
  • Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery
  • Pennsylvania Cheese and Cheese Making
  • Pennsylvania Wines and Wineries
  • Pennsylvania Breads and Pastries
  • Pennsylvania Coal Region Foods and Foodways
  • The Philadelphia Table
  • The Pittsburgh Table
Pennsylvania Mushroom Cookery
Pennsylvania Farmers Markets

We are also planning a newsletter and perhaps a magazine that will cover the Pennsylvania food scene with a mix of history, shopping tips for artisanal food products, and paid advertising by vetted producers.

For discussing project ideas and funding, contact Keystone at

The Keystone Kitchen Online Store

Presently in the planning stages, we intend to offer a variety of regional products that conform to our standards of production, local tradition, and historical authenticity. This will include seeds from the Roughwood Seed Archive, honey from the Lamb Tavern property, and gift certificates for food products sold by selected vendors as well as restaurants featuring regional cuisine.