Region 3 – The Northern Tier Counties


Prohibition (non-alcoholic) beer label from 1920s Wilkes-Barre.

This region represents the northeastern corner of the state that was originally settled by New Englanders from Connecticut. That connection gave rise to the New England Society, which for many years honored its Yankee roots with New England style banquets. The rugged mountains of this area have always invited hunters and sport fishing, especially trout, while the maple forests yield an impressive crop of maple syrup and sugar. However, coal mining and the over-harvesting of local timber in the last century radically changed the physical landscape and displaced farming as the region’s primary industry. Employment in the mines attracted large numbers of Eastern Europeans to settle in the area and today they define the cultural milieu. No one to date has surveyed the culinary specialties of this region, especially what may have evolved as a result of different cultural groups living side by side.