Region 5 – The Northwest Lakeshore Region


Cookbook published in 1933 to promote ECOMA Ice Cream, a product of the Erie County Milk Association.

The culinary profile of the Northwest Lakeshore Region is defined by its proximity to Lake Erie. Historically the lake provided this part of the state with a broad network of trade connections, thus insuring a constant influx of different cultural groups and their foods. Since this area is sandwiched between Ohio and New York, it is by nature part of a broader lakeshore culture stretching from Buffalo to Cleveland. However there are many foods and foodways particular to this area, especially dishes based on white fish, lake trout, and pike. The lake’s moderating affect on the climate has encouraged the growth of viticulture and orchards, and dairy farming was made profitable due to the railroads. Perhaps the most nationally famous culinary products from this region are the cast iron cook wares and innovative waffle irons of the former Griswold Manufacturing Company.